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May 20 - August 22, 2014


*The show has been extended through August 22nd*

The Artwork has been restored upon removal from the building.
Scroll down to view each sculpture from the Defenestration collection.

We're proud to partner with Brian Goggin, finding permanent homes for DEFENESTRATION sculptures after they check out of the Hugo Hotel. This installation of original sculpture by Brian Goggin transformed a South of Market building into a renowned art site, and its preservation has been supported by the community, including generous donations by art luminary Banksy. Since Defenestration's creation by Goggin 17 years ago with over 100 volunteers, San Francisco has delighted in the functioning Lamps, ringing Telephones, Leaping Tables, and Craning Clock to name a few of the 35 sculptures "thrown out the window" of DEFENESTRATION.

I have been caretaking Defenestration for seventeen years so of course I feel a strong, affectionate relationship with the artwork, and feel the loss, however, it has been a good run for a temporary installation. It is an urban project using local urban materials salvaged from the area, and changed over time by both weather and the methods I used to maintain and rebuild the work. Scaling the walls to work around the structure, restoring, and rebuilding the piece with my team for the last seventeen years has been a wonderful and mysterious experience where the local community consistently helped in my process to fabricate install and maintain the artwork. How often can something like this happen here in San Francisco? The artwork could withstand many more years if maintained. Defenestration has been a lively part of a creative public conversation with the world. I am very pleased we were able to experience the installation for the last seventeen years especially when I originally thought it might last only six months, now I am happy the artworks may find new homes with collectors as part of it's migration from the hood.
- Brian Goggin (May 20, 2014)

These unique works of art were removed before the Hugo Hotel is demolished, but the DEFENESTRATION Project will continue as new homes are found for each original sculpture.

Contact us to purchase artwork shown below and to discuss the future of DEFENESTRATION, including potential new projects in cities abroad.

DEFENESTRATION location c.1997 - June 3, 2014:
Hugo Hotel building
Southwest Corner of 6th and Howard St.
San Francisco, CA

Meet us at our office by appointment:
Varnish Fine Art
16 Jessie Street, #C120
San Francisco, CA 94105

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Click Artwork Images for Details:

formatting End Table Train
Leaping Tables
formatting Grandfather Clock
Craning Clock
formatting South End East Wall
South End East Wall
formatting Leaping Coffee Table
formatting Red Chair
Red Chair
formatting East Wall North End
East Wall North End
formatting Chair with Ottoman
Chair with Ottoman
formatting Purple Telephone Table
Telephone Table
formatting Why_
formatting Red Leather Chair
Red Leather Chair
formatting Red Fan
formatting Yellow Chair
Yellow Chair
formatting Blue Ottoman
Kangaroo Bench
Orange Chair
formatting TV
formatting Wingback
formatting Radio
formatting Green Fridge
Green Fridge
formatting Green Chair
Green Chair
formatting Iron
formatting Razor
formatting Lamps
formatting Silver Lamp
Silver Lamp
formatting Phone
formatting Squatting Wooden Chair
Squatting Wooden Chair
formatting Toaster
formatting Yellow Bed
formatting Blue Armoire
Blue Armoire
formatting Chester Drawers
Chester Drawers
formatting Fan
formatting Lamp _2
Lamp #2
formatting Green Couch
Green Couch
formatting Lamp _4
Lamp #4
formatting Lamp _5
Lamp #5
formatting Bathtub
formatting Lamp _9
Lamp #9
formatting Blue Couch
Blue Couch


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