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May 30, 2012
Creatures of Saintly Disguise:
Jennybird Alcantara

Varnish Fine Art presents Creatures of Saintly Disguise: Jennybird Alcantara - a solo exhibition of new work. In this latest series, Bay Area painter Jennybird Alcantara melds her lifelong interest in fairytales, flora & fauna with her evocative Pop Surrealist style to reveal another chapter of an evolving narrative. This exhibition showcases large scale oil paintings in addition to smaller works.

Opening reception: Saturday June 9th, 6-9pm

In Creatures of Saintly Disguise, Jennybird Alcantara’s second solo show at Varnish Fine Art, the journey into Jennybird's ever-unfolding world of the subconscious continues. We meet a pantheon of “saints” existing in a more contemplative world than we’ve seen before. With her signature complex and saturated palette, the artist creates a galaxy of symbols that coalesce into a greater whole, creating a universe that is mystical, playful and, in the words of one writer, “shamanistic.”

Casting large-eyed women, both dainty and strong, in the role of avatars, Jennybird speaks to us of Universal experiences from her unique point of view.

As humans we crave knowledge and understanding about our place in the Universe and stories (mythology, fairytales) are a way to relate us to other living beings: animals, people, nature… you crave that. If you don’t do (religion) and still have that pulling inside you for wonder and things of a spiritual nature, then I think that those stories present themselves perfectly for that. For me my work blends (it all.)—Jennybird Alcantara

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