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January 10, 2013
Chris Mars & Mike Davis Exhibit in "HEY! modern art & pop culture/Part II" at Halle Saint Pierre, Paris.


HEY! modern art & pop culture / Part II

January 25 to August 23, 2013

Halle Saint Pierre
2 rue Ronsard, 75018 Paris, France

In September 2011, the Halle Saint Pierre museum joined forces with HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture magazine to present its eponymous exposition which, designed as a 21st century cabinet of curiosities, wanted to be an audacious and effervescent synthesis of the alternative art scene. From seditious figures of lowbrow art feeding on the iconography of the popular media to the phantasmagoria of pop surrealism, while rediscovering the legacy of the great pictorial tradition, from street art activists to tattooing, individual and solitary escapes of art brut to refined and libertarian images with a “savage eye”, all these artistic margins were presented in all their diversity and their complexity.

Now, the Museum Halle Saint Pierre and HEY! Magazine collaborate to present “HEY! modern art and pop culture / Part II.” Anne & Julien, creators of HEY! have put together a new meeting between the currents of pop culture, popular forms of modern and contemporary art, outsider art and art singular.

Again the exhibit will be with rare artists who germinated their invaluable talents in the margins. While the first edition brought together more than 64 international artists, HEY! modern art and pop culture / Part II repeats the experience with many figures from similar artistic trends and provides the same "power of discovery", while presenting figures such as Joe Coleman, Chris Mars, Louis Pons, Mati Klarwein, Masami Teraoka, Mike Davis.

Our society is a "world culture" in which pictorial art is no exception. Today, the spirit of the street and people is everywhere. In the spirit of HEY! magazine, the exhibition is over and the resonance of this urban, pop and outsider art whose Nevay Heather, Kate Clark, Mu Pan, Amanda Smith, Handiedan or Beb-Deum ( ...) represents the new generation. They divert the foundations of a technological civilization they represent openings permitted the artistic and free invention, where they maintain the closest possible tenuous with every kind of media or cultural environment, the sixty artists presented in the exhibition all challenge hierarchical boundaries that separate the great art of popular culture. Their genealogies and their cultural ancestry give this show an air of a twenty-first century cabinet of curiosities. Representatives of iconic pop culture or heirs of the most singular art; they are the pollinators of cultural creation.

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